Embedded System

Course content for Raspberry Pi using Python

Raspberry pi

Embedded system is a branch of Electronics engineering which deals with the use of micro electronics programmable circuits to develop devices which are usually smart and efficient.

The following will be taught to students in this course


    Introduction to Python:

    History, Features, Setting up path, working with Python, Basic Syntax, Variable and Data Types, Operator If, If- else, Nested if-else, For, While, Nested loops, Break, Continue, Pass

    String Manipulation
    Accessing Strings, Basic Operations, String slices, Function and Methods
    Introduction, Accessing list, Operations, Working with lists, Function and Methods
    Introduction, Accessing tuples, Operations, Working, Functions and Methods
    Working with Dictionaries
    Introduction, Accessing values in dictionaries, Working with dictionaries, Properties Functions
    Defining a function, Calling a function, Types of functions, Function Arguments, Anonymous functions, Global and local variables
    Importing module, Math module, Random module, Packages, Composition
    Inputs and outputs
    Printing on screen, Reading data from keyboard, Opening and closing file, Reading and writing files, Functions
    Exception Handling
    Exception, Exception Handling, Except clause, Finally clause, User Defined Exceptions

    Advanced Python:

    OOPS Concepts
    Class and object, Attributes, Inheritance, Overloading, Overriding, Data hiding
    Regular Expressions
    Match function, Search function, Matching Vs Searching, Modifiers, Patterns
    Introduction, Architecture, CGI environment variable, GET and POST methods, Cookies, File upload
    Introduction, Connections, Executing queries, Transactions, Handling error
    Socket Module, Methods, Client and server, Internet modules
    Starting a thread, Threading module, Synchronizing threads, Multithreaded Priority Queue
    GUI Programming
    Introduction, Tkinter programming, Tkinter widgets

    Hardware with Raspberry pi

  • • Introduction to embedded system
  • • Introduction to Raspberry pi
  • • Raspberry pi Set-up
  • • OS Installation in Raspberry pi
  • • Raspberry pi Booting
  • • Ethernet Connection with Raspberry pi
  • • Ping Raspberry pi
  • • IOT and Raspberry pi Concepts
  • • Power Supply for Raspberry pi
  • • Analog and Digital electronics with Raspberry
  • • Analog to Digital Conversion
  • • ADC Interfacing with Raspberry pi
  • • IR Sensor Designing
  • • Programming Raspberry pi with IR Sensor
  • • Motion based Concepts with Raspberry pi
  • • Light Dependent Resistor Designing
  • • LDR interfacing with Raspberry pi
  • • Programming Raspberry pi with LDR Sensor
  • • MEMs Concepts
  • • MEMs Interfacing with raspberry pi
  • • Gesture Detection using Raspberry pi
  • • Temperature based system
  • • LM35 interfacing with Raspberry pi
  • • Security System using Raspberry pi
  • • Electromagnetic Relay Working principle
  • • Electromagnetic Relay interfacing with Raspberry pi
  • • ADC, Raspberry pi and Relay Interfacing
  • • H-Bridge Concepts
  • • H- Bridge Interfacing with Raspberry pi
  • • BT136 working Concept
  • • Opto-isolator interfacing with BT136
  • • Opto-isolator, BT136 and Raspberry pi Interfacing
  • • AC Automation Concepts with Opto-isolator, BT136 and Raspberry pi
  • • Radio- Frequency based Wireless Communication
  • • Digital Communication using RF and Raspberry pi