About NIPF

National Innovative Project Fair (NIPF) 2019 is the 3rd edition of the annual innovation project exhibition which gives an oppurtunity where research scholars and students guided by experts will demonstrate their latest knowledge and skills in innovative projects, designs and experiments from 28th Feb to 2nd March 2019. This two days long technological extravaganza will certainly excite the taste buds of future innovators.

Everthing starts with an Idea!


  • Registration Opens - 29th Jan, 2019

  • Submissions closes - 25th Feb, 2019

  • Registration Closes - 25th Feb, 2019

Competition Details


Past Projects

Project Image
Smart Health Care Monitoring

A IOT based system used for real time monitoring of healthcare parameters and in case of emergency alerting nearest hospital.

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Project Image
Waste Water Treatment Plant

A smart and efficient way of removal of harmful materials from waste water and making it drinkable.

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Project Image
Gesture Based Application

Gesture based application can assist elderly or disabled persons. This proposed work uses this tool for the recognition and processing of the hand gesture. 

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Project Image
Air Dummer

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Project Image
Hybrid Solar Car

A car powered by solar energy which can give a high efficience without using a single drop of fossile fuel.

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Project Image
The third eye for a blind person

A system of sensor which was arranged by using iot technologies which can help the unsighted persons to see the world.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Register yourself at www.isdc.gita.edu.in by 20th February2018. Online requests after this date will not be considered, though limited offline registration facility will be available on the onset of the event. Registrations will be entertained on first come first serve basis.
  • The registration fee of Rs 800 needs to be submitted at the registration desk in cash.
  • Select your team leader if you are participating as a team. Only the team leader should register on the website on behalf of the team, providing the details of his/her team members and whether accommodation is required or not.
  • Confirmation receipt will only be given after the complete payment has been made at the registration desk in cash at time of reporting.
  • Report at the Registration Desk during arrival with the confirmation mail printout and college IDs of all members of the team. Further directions will then be provided.